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Direct ink writing advances in multi-material structures for a sustainable future. VG Rocha, E Saiz, IS Tirichenko, E García-Tuñón. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (31), 15646-15657

GO CaBER: Capillary breakup and steady-shear experiments on aqueous graphene oxide (GO) suspensions. HCH Ng, A Corker, E García-Tuñón, RJ Poole. Journal of Rheology 64 (1), 81-93


3D printing with 2D colloids: designing rheology protocols to predict ‘printability’of soft-materials. A Corker, HCH Ng, RJ Poole, E García-Tuñón. Soft matter (RSC) 2019 – Emerging Investigators Special Issu

Tuning HIV drug release from a nanogel-based in situ forming implant by changing nanogel size Adam R Town, Jessica Taylor, Karl Dawson, Edyta Niezabitowska, Nancy M Elbaz, Andrew Corker, Esther García-Tuñón , Tom O McDonald. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, RSC (2019) 7, 3, 373-383


SiC porous structures obtained with innovative shaping technologies Claudio Ferraro, Esther García-Tuñón , Suelen Barg, Miriam Miranda, Na Ni, Robert Bell, Eduardo Saiz. Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2018) 38, 3, 823-835

Calcium phosphate substrates with emulsion-derived roughness: Processing, characterisation and interaction with human mesenchymal stem cells Gil Costa Machado, Esther García-Tuñón, Robert V Bell, Mauro Alini, Eduardo Saiz, Marianna Peroglio. Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2018) 38, 3, 949-961

In-situ compression and electrochemical studies of graphene foam Sakineh Chabi, Esther Garcia-Tunon, Hongmei Chen, Yongde Xia, Eduardo Saiz Gutierrez, Yanqiu Zhu. Veruscript Functional Nanomaterials 2 (2018)


Graphene Oxide: An All-in-One Processing Additive for 3D Printing Esther García-Tuñón*, Ezra Feilden, Han Zheng, Eleonora D’Elia, Alan Leong, Eduardo Saiz. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2017)

3D printing bioinspired ceramic composites E. Feilden, C. Ferraro, Q. Zhang, E. García-Tuñón, et al Sci. Rep. 7, 13759 (2017)

Complex ceramic architectures by directed assembly of ‘responsive’particles E. García-Tuñón*, et al ‘ J. Euro. Ceram. Soc., 37(1), 199-211, 2017

Multimaterial 3D printing of graphene-based electrodes for electrochemical energy storage using thermoresponsive inks V Garcia-Rocha, E. García-Tuñón*, et al ‘ ACS AMI 9 (42), 37136-37145 (2017)

Mechanical and biological evaluation of 3D printed 10CeTZP-Al2O3 structures L. Goyos-Ball, E. García-Tuñón, et al J. Euro. Ceram. Soc., 37(9), 3151-3158 (2017)

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